We take you to the back country, where the bass are abundant and extremely aggressive.

When fishing in Florida for Largemouth Bass in the Florida Everglades, its not only a bass fishing trip its an adventure. You will truly enjoy the scenery while fishing. We provide top of the line boats, high end fishing rods and reels, and the latest in top water lures, soft baits, as well as live bait. Come join us today in Everglades National Park for a guided bass fishing trip.

Cold water bass fishing in the Everglades

Cold weather bass fishing in south Florida can be challenging, we fished today in temperatures in the low 60s, and Bass fishing can be tuff when the water and outside air temperatures drop below the mid to high 80s. When fishing in cold weather the bass are not as active and a much slower retrieve with your bait is the key to catching fish in these conditions. I normally prefer soft baits at the bottom of drop offs or at the very bottom of the water that I am fishing. Temperatures at the bottom are sometimes warmer than surface temperatures.

Don’t expect to have a great fishing day the fishing will be a little slower but can pay off if you are patient and persistent as we were today. My client for the day reaped the benefits of using a soft bait with a slow retrieve at the deeper levels of the structures we were fishing. As you can see we only caught a couple of fish this day but the eight pound bass made the trip worth wild. It was another great fishing day in the Florida everglades.

Greatest fishing day of my life

It is a great job being a fishing Captain in the Florida everglades, fishing for one of the top freshwater sport fish in the world the Largemouth Bass is my Passion, another passion is watching a kid catch a fish for the first time. I recently had one of the best Bass fishing days of my life; it was not on our hi-tech fishing boat or with hi-tech fishing rods and reels, it was on a little pink Barbie doll rod that belongs to my 4 year old daughter.

My daughter is old enough now to realize what daddy does and what fish are, so we went to the store and she picked out a pink Barbie doll kids fishing pole. We didn’t have to go far to our local pond and a little bit of white bread on a hook would do the job. I personally figured that at best she would catch a couple brim or maybe a sun fish, but the shocker was on her first cast her bobber diapered and I thought I would help her and being a little woman that was not going to happen she said “I will do it daddy”.

She reeled in the line until the fish was about to the bank, I was truly amazed it was a one pound bass on the line. At that point I was so excited that I wanted to at least help her pull it up the bank and again she said ‘ I will do it daddy” she put the rod over her shoulder and walked away from the bank of the pond dragging the fish up the bank. You had to be there to appreciate it, it was for me a priceless moment watching my daughter catch her first largemouth bass. The next time you head out to the water take a kid fishing you will be amazed at how much you will truly enjoy fishing.


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